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Interrupted to Be: A Shepherd Boy's Journey to Kingship  demonstrates that interrupted plans in life are not always meant for our demise. Often – they are to make our calling and election sure. Dr. Wilder takes us on a twenty year journey through the early life of a lad by the name of David. He was the youngest of eight boys born to a sheepherder. Yet, at an early age he was chosen by God to mount the throne of a Kingdom that already had a reigning king. His story depicts that the unforeseen twists, turns and mysteries that occur in life have purpose. His journey offers evidence to the fact that "God watches over His word to perform it-If He said it – it will come to pass." .

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Dr. Wilder's paperback, On The Other Side of Bitter: A Look Into Naomi's Heart. A must Read! Written to encourage the many hurting women who may be sacrificing and giving of themselves without benefit of any type of personal satisfaction. Click Buy Now PayPal button to purchase using a major credit card. Contact Dr. Wilder via our Contact Us page to make any other payment arrangements. Also available at bookstore, and Barnes and Noble.   Note: You may purchase now using PayPal with or without a PayPal account.  
Dr. Wilder's paperback.   
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Dr. Wilder  services are designed to place you into a position of self-awareness and empowerment -- getting you in touch with the person behind the mask (your personality); and, providing a place where you can learn to integrate educational, spiritual and life experiences.

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Counseling Sessions:  $125/Session
Sliding scale for individuals on low and/or fixed incomes.  Contact Dr. Wilder for sliding scale payment arrangement.

Personal Temperament Therapy: $125/Session
Includes temperament report and one session of focused-individual teaching explaining the impact of temperament on behavior and everyday life.   Service offered in-person, on-line, telephone.

Talk Therapy:  $50/One-Hour Session
In-Person, Telephone or Skype. 

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