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Professor Lizzie Louis -- Breakthrough Urban Educator, Community Outreach & Recruitment says ...

"Dr. Annie B. Wilder is a breakthrough counseling professional.  For more than a decade she has pioneered, established, developed, and contributed to "best practices" & techniques in the fieldsof domestic violence counseling,female empowerment, self-esteem building and pastoral care & counseling. Organizations, groups, and individuals priviledged to work with her constantly excel!"
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Creation Therapy

9 Sessions - Workshop or Seminar Format, Textbook, Videotape, Workbook, Code of Ethics, 2 Required Exams - A biblically based, non-denominational approach to counseling that deals with the inner man rather than outer manifestations or problems.Clients learn  how  to  identify "hidden" problems and gain insight into how to heal relationships. Successful completion may qualify you for certification or licensure for Christian Counseling. 
Course & Materials /person $285  

Created in God's Image
2 Sessions - Workshop or Seminar Format, Textbook, 1 Exam - Biblically based human behavior course that Does Not Teach Counseling Techniques. It is intended for individuals who want to learn more about human behavior, but are not interested in learning how to counsel others. 
Course & Materials/person $75  

Personal Temperament
2 Sessions - Workshop or Seminar Format, Survey - Focuses on giving an understanding of temperaments and how they may cause stress and anxiety in marital relationships, employment and/or social activities. Course survey results in a personal temperament report for each attendee. 
Course & Materials/person $85  

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Welcome to faith-based educational services provided by Dr. Annie B. Wilder to accommodate all of your training and workshop needs.  Uncommon Counseling, LLC provides courses and certifications in several different areas.